SERVPRO’S Certified Office and Industrial Disinfection Program

  • Have had Covid-19 exposure
  • Require  the Implementation of precautionary cleaning
  • Are required to disinfect prior to opening
  • Would like a maintenance program
Experienced teams following strict protocols:
Using EPA and environmentally friendly Cleaning agents  we provide a thorough disinfection. We verify all of our work with ATP technology. When the job is complete, we provide a detailed certification and public signage providing peace of mind to both customers and employees.

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Atp Meter Explained

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Testing

ATP is an enzyme that is present in all organic matter - living and once-living - including blood, saliva and bacteria.

ATP Testing tests for Biological Material, measurement of the amount of organic cell structure (both living and dead) on a surface that has the potential to support microbial growth and microbial bio-mass.

Customized For Your Needs

Level 1 treatments include approved disinfectant applied with electrostatic or ultra-low volume foggers. Level 1 treatments are effective in between level 2 treatments.
Level 2 treatments are enhanced cleaning methods which emphasize treatment on High Contact Surfaces after initial fogging applications. Acceptable limits are within a hospital or food grade threshold of 10 RLU.
Level 3 treatments are used for confirmed COVID-19. Decontamination chambers are required to reduce risk for potential cross contamination. 2 layers, coveralls, gloves and shoe protection are required.

    Peace of mind for you, your
    employees & your Customers

    Minimal preparation required and you’ll receive:

    • Table Topper
    • Display Certificate
    • Display Window Cling
    • Detailed Post Treatment Report
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    Our Safety Measures

    Safety for everyone is our top priority

    We wear specialized protective equipment

    In facilities with COVID-19 exposure, a special staging area will be created for protective gear up & removal

    Have had COVID-19 exposure
    Are implementing precautionary cleaning
    Are required to disinfect before reopening

    Services Details


    • Advanced Liquid Dispersal Technology
    • Treat large areas in a short time
    • Treat critical hard surfaces and inaccessible areas
    • Surface wipe-down of special and recessed contact points
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